ARC Angels Senior Home Care

Jill Anderson


On August 15th, 2005, Jill Anderson became the Chief Executive Officer of ARC Angels Senior Home Care™, a division of ARC Residential Care, LLC.

From her childhood where she spent time helping out neighborhood grandparents, to her service as the former Executive Vice President of the Angelus Retirement Corporation, Jill Anderson has always maintained the highest dedication to seniors and their care; “Looking back at my childhood, I spent time with the neighborhood grandparents visiting and keeping them company. I realize now that this encouraged my enthusiasm for the care and protection of our seniors.” Now, with her position as CEO of ARC Angels Senior Home Care™, Jill is able to help seniors stay in their homes for as long as they wish while receiving quality, compassionate care.

While owning and working for the Angelus Retirement Corporation as its Executive Vice President, Jill Anderson began to understand that the most common desire of many seniors was to remain in their own homes for as long as they could. Not too long ago, Jill commented, “I came to the realization that when adult children visit their parents, they want to visit and spend quality time with their loved one in familiar surroundings, rather than doing the chores, changing and cleaning linens, making sure Mom has eaten properly, has good personal care, and has properly taken her medications.” Jill wanted to build a company that would do those things, and enable seniors to have trustworthy care they and their families could be comfortable with.

Jill demands that all her caregivers have the same compassion she does for seniors whose care has been entrusted to them. She looks for flexibility, understanding, and a dedication to the happiness and well-being of our seniors. Jill Anderson wants to be able to provide seniors with the care, the respect, and the dignity that they deserve through ARC Angels Senior Home Care™.

ARC Angels Senior Home Care