Ione Garcia
Appleton, WI

March 3rd, 2006

My brother is 84 years old and has lived on the family farm all his life. He never married and after the death of our parents lived alone. Major health problems became apparent about two years ago and he had to be away during frequent hospital stays and six months in a nursing home.

His desire (and ours) was to return to his home and dog. However, living alone was not an option. My sister saw an ad about ARC Angels Senior Home Care, made the call, and life changed for my brother. He was able to leave the nursing home and “come home.”

That was almost five months ago. The arrangement has truly been a blessing for all of us - but especially for my brother and his dog. Employees of ARC Angels are very dependable, meet my brother’s schedule, cook, do laundry, keep the house clean, attend to my brother’s personal needs, offer needed companionship for him and feed the dog!

I feel they care about him on a personal level. The same people have cared for him so he knows them and they know him. They keep us informed about all aspects of his life. We are truly grateful for the services of ARC Angels Senior Home Care and the kindness of its employees.

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